Ahmed Al Jallaf

Assistant Director General Air Navigation Service


Ahmed Ibrahim Al Jallaf, joined the General Civil Aviation Authority in 1998, validated as an Area Air Traffic Controller in 2000. Mr. Al Jallaf was awarded a Master Science degree with merit in Air Safety Management from City University, London in 2007. In July 2009, Mr. Al Jallaf joined the Air Navigation & Aerodromes Regulation section of the GCAA, which he had managed from December 2010 until March 2011.

Mr. Al Jallaf is currently the Assistant Director General of the Air Navigation Services Provider, overseeing the ATM, CNS, AIM, ANSP Training, Quality and Safety Management Departments at Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre. He is also the Chairman of the UAE National Airspace Advisory Committee, Chairman of the UAE Airspace Restructure Project Steering Group, Board Chairman of ICAO Middle East ATM Enhancement Program (MAEP), Vice Chairman of ICAO MIDANPIRG, Vice Chairman of the GCC Air Navigation Committee, and member in many other national and regional groups.




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