Ahmed El Marady

Senior Communication, Navigation and Surveillance

Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority

Mr. Ahmed ElMarady is a senior CNS safety oversight inspector - Air Navigation Engineer at the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority. Mr. ElMarady received BSc. and master degree in communication and electronics engineering, Cairo University. Currently, he is a Ph.D. student majoring in cybersecurity in aviation generally, and in air navigation systems in particular. Mr. ElMarady published many research papers in international conferences and journals, such as "Actual TDoA-based augmentation system for enhancing cybersecurity in ADS-B," published in Chinese Journal of Aeronautics, June 2020. Mr. ElMarady is a member of both ICAO MID regional office cybersecurity working group and ICAO Cybersecurity Working Group on Air Navigation Systems.



GATM Virtual Conference Agenda

25 November 2020 | 12:45 - 13:40 | Panel Discussion: Maintaining High Quality & Trusted Data Exchange

Communication has been key throughout the pandemic, many processes and systems have moved online to allow social distancing. This presentation will address how to secure ATM legacy systems with critical infrastructure to effectively manage potential vulnerabilities. Also covering how to encourage stakeholder communication to build cybersecurity, consistency and governance.

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