Brett Weihart is a Scandinavian based aviation professional with an Australian background who is primed to deliver Sweden's first new airport build in the last 20 years.
Having worked for airlines and airports at various organisational levels, Brett has a vast array of leadership experience from large international airports down to the smaller regionals. His passion and drive for the industry comes from commitment to customer focus in every facit of the business. 
New technology is no stranger to Brett and with over 10 years experience at Ericsson, Sweden's telecommunications multinational, the decision to evaluate and put into place a digital tower from day one, a world first, was not a difficult one.
Brett as a true aviation professional finds it hard to keep his feet on the ground and as many before him has also ventured into the air obtaining a pilots licence at an early age. Now however his feet are well and truly on terra firma with the new airport opening only 14 months away."

Conference Agenda

05 November 2018 | 12:30 - 13:00 | Global Air Traffic Management 2018 | Case Study Scandinavian Mountains Airport: Revolutionising ATC with digital

  • Increasing aircraft capacity, reliability and scalability by harnessing the power of ATC tower systems and remote towers 
  • Successfully transitioning to a virtual tower: Upgrading your legacy systems, command and control communication links
  • Integrating flight efficiency software algorithms and machine learning to provide reliable flight projections
  • Evaluating the true cost of digitalization and examining the potential savings 

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