Captain Said Hage

Advisor to the Minister

Ministry of Air Transport Lebanon

I graduated from Northrop university ,major Aeronautical Engineering in 1978 as well as holding A&P , Flight engineer and Pilot licenses,
I start working with MEA ( Middle East Airlines) as a Pilot 1979 until present time with more than 28,000 hours of flying, over 40 years in Aviation field. 
I worked 30 years in management, I was seconded to Saudi airlines to fly for 4 Years (1984-1988),in addition I worked in the Technical ,training ,Safety and standardization departments .
After my return to MEA ,In addition to my flight duty, (1989-2009) I was in charge of the industrial department where we were measuring the productivity in MEA.
2009-present I am assistance to the Head of Operations and Environment Affairs Manager, in charge of the Fuel Emissions and the EU ETS.
I was the Chairman of the Environment Policy Group at AACO for 4 years. Then I was selected to be the Advisor of the Minister of Air Transport and in Charge of the DGCA,
Where I helped clearing the Safety Significant Concern ( SSC ) on the DGCA Lebanon ( 2014-2016 ).and in all DGCA Departments as well as certified Inspector.  
During the last 40 Years I attended and Teach many aviation courses and workshops ( Industrial, Operations , Audit, Crm, Security ,Safety ,Training, Fuel Emissions, Carbon Trading ).

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