Conference Agenda

Navigating the air traffic technology revolution

Join the world’s most innovative airports as they discover how to improve collaboration with A-CDM. Connect with ANSP’s who are ready to utilise new technology to improve safety and enhance flight paths.

Learn how CAA’s are keeping pace with new disruptions such as the recent drone disturbances and creating regulations to minimise delays. GATM will welcome the entire ATM ecosystem who will be exploring innovative solutions to the capacity crisis and how to promote collaboration across the global ATC community.

Venue: Conference Room 1

09:00 - 09:30Conference registration opens

09:30 - 10:00Breakfast networking

10:00 - 10:10Chairperson: Opening comments


10:10 - 10:25Opening Address

10:25 - 10:45Presentation: The changing ATM ecosystem

  • Redefining relationships along the ATM value chain
  • Delivering seamless and interoperable services through an ATM partnership eco-system
  • The imperative to collaborate, commercialise and innovate

10:45 - 11:25Panel discussion: Runway capacity and passenger flow management

  • Ensuring a competitive connected future by optimizing runway capacity
  • Reducing Runway Occupancy Time with rapid exit taxiway (RET)
  • Increasing your airport capacity with precise aircraft wake turbulence predictions  
  • Improving accuracy and predictions with Advanced Demand-Capacity
11:25 - 11:40Networking break

11:40 - 12:25Panel discussion: Transforming airspace

  • Redesigning airspace to enable more flight paths- what are the roadblocks to success?
  • Implementing technology to reduce the distance between aircrafts, allowing simultaneous flights 
  • Increasing real time communications and ATC separation services
  • Exploring free route airspace (FRA) to overcome efficiency and capacity challenges



12:25 - 13:20Panel discussion: Planning for the future: taking advantage of remote tower scalability

  • Enhancing tower operation and contingency planning 
  • Utilising object detection and tracking, information augmentation, to safely manage multiple airports 

13:20 - 13:55Panel discussion: Addressing the global shortage of qualified air traffic controllers

  • Promoting collaboration between ANSP’s to implement recruitment and training strategies to keep up with the anticipated growth
  • Exploring advanced training stimulators as cost-effective ways to prepare and test air traffic controllers
  • Utilising technology to make up the shortfall in human resourcing. AI, Machine learning & Automation



13:55 - 14:00Closing remarks

09:00 - 09:30Conference registration opens

09:30 - 10:00Breakfast networking

10:00 - 10:20Chairperson: Opening comments


10:20 - 11:00Panel discussion: Driving ATC momentum with regulation

  • Aligning and maintaining global standards to ensure safe, efficient and sustainable flights
  • How ANSP’s can help capacity constrained airports 
  • Promoting the power of competition 
  • Maximising the benefits of air transport with policies to promote air travel 

11:00 - 11:20Unified Traffic Management: from airspace shutdowns to dynamic deconfliction

  • Managing UAV airspace in a regulatory environment
  • Seamlessly integrating drone radar with your  airport infrastructure 
  • Unravelling the UTM roadmap, what can we expect?
11:20 - 11:35Networking break

11:35 - 12:00Dans runway throughput case study: Creating high performing airport operations

  • Exploring future aircraft capabilities and airport configurations
  • Wake turbulence separation optimisation
  • Optimising traffic on single and multiple runways airports 
  • Increasing operational resilience during bad weather and reducing recovery times from major disruption

12:00 - 12:40Panel discussion: Diminishing drone disturbance

  • Creating a unified regulation and information sharing system 
  • Protecting your airports with sensors and discovering counter-drone technology
  • Creating a globally harmonized traffic management system: balancing aviation safety and security while supporting developing UTM industry

12:40 - 13:25Panel discussion: Transforming aviation with Airport Collaborative Decision Making

  • Assessing the steps to success: optimising your airport and airspace capacity 
  • Reducing push-back delays, shortening taxi-out times and utilisation of ground handling resources
  • How airports are saving 250,000 minutes of flow management delay with A-CDM
  • Open communication exchange: Understanding the importance data sharing between stakeholders 

13:25 - 13:55Panel discussion: The evolution of Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM)

  • How to collaborate with different system capabilities: bridging the gap between less technical countries. 
  • Exploring the benefits of long-range air traffic flow management (LR-ATFM)
  • Exploring the technology easing congested airspaces  
  • Enhancing ATM safety with integrated ATFM systems

13:55 - 14:00Closing remarks



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