David Harper Jones

Manager Organisational Safety

Dubai Air Navigation Services (dans)

David has been involved in aviation throughout his 35 year working career. He has had a varied career from airfield management to crew scheduler and from Unmanned Aircraft SME to his current role as Safety Post Holder within Dubai Air Navigation Services.
David joined the Royal Air Force in January 1985 as an ATCA before progressing through many roles to being Operations Lead and Flight Safety Officer for UAS Operations in the USA and UK. During his time in the RAF deployed to many countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans.
On retirement from the RAF, David joined GAL ANS as a Safety Specialist in Jan 2013. Working on both Civilian and Military contracts he enhanced the Safety Education alongside the Hazard and Risk processes within the Organisation and was also instrumental in developing the UAS regulation within the UAE.
In May 2015 David moved to dans as Safety Work Package Manager, developing high profile Safety Cases within the company, before a sideways move to Organisational Safety as specialist. He was promoted to Safety Manager at dans in 2018 and is also the Safety Post Holder. David was the Safety Lead within dans for the UAE airspace restructure in 2017.
David has an MSc in Air Safety Management from London, City University with his dissertation entitled “Managing the Unmanned Aerial System threats to Dubai International Airport – Why regulation in isolation is insufficient”.

Conference Agenda 2019

20 November 2019 | 11:35 - 12:00 | Dans runway throughput case study: Creating high performing airport operations

  • Exploring future aircraft capabilities and airport configurations
  • Wake turbulence separation optimisation
  • Optimising traffic on single and multiple runways airports 
  • Increasing operational resilience during bad weather and reducing recovery times from major disruption

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