Dr. Gotthard Börger

Director Products & Strategy

Harris Orthogon GmbH

Gotthard is the Director of Products and Strategy at Harris Orthogon with two decades of hands-on experience solving airspace resource problems by designing ATC traffic synchronization tools. In recent years ,Gotthard´s focus has been the development of airside optimization solutions. He worked on projects with major ANSPs like NATS, Nav Canada, CAA Singapore or Hong Kong CAD as well as with airport customers like London Heathrow, Gatwick airport and Changi airport. Gotthard was also the Co-Chair in the Canso A-CDM focus group and is responsible for the Harris Orthogon SESAR research contributions. Among his peers, Gotthard is well known for his retriever dog training skills and first round elimination at the Las Vegas punk rock bowling tournament.



GATM Virtual Conference Agenda

25 November 2020 | 12:25 - 12:45 | Virtual presentation: Improving decision making with ATFM

Flow management and the corresponding implementation of flow regulations are effective methods to regulate the demand to avoid imbalances. Tactical ATC tools such as departure and arrival management will benefit and contribute to ATFM. The presentation will address how the ICAO ASBU module, “improved traffic flow through runway sequencing (ASBU-RSEQ)” is interlinked with the ATFM process. The presentation will also cover new concepts demonstrating how airports could participate in the ATFM process as an active node

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