Dr Ludovic Thobois

Head of data science for aviation and meteorology

Data Science, Wind Lidar Technology and Research

Dr Ludovic Thobois received a Phd Thesis from INP Toulouse, France in Fluid dynamics (2006). He studied large eddy simulations of turbulent flows close to surfaces without and with chemistry. He joined in 2011 the advanced research division of LEOSPHERE as the scientific studies manager. He was in charge of developing new post-processing techniques for providing more accurate and relevant observations from LIDAR raw data. He is an active participant of several working groups in Europe in charge of exploring the capabilities of new remote sensors for meteorology and aviation weather applications.He was for example involved in several SESAR workpackages related to the measurements of wake vortex and the detection of wind shear at several airports in Europe including Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. He is also involved  in a COST European action related to the cooperation of European countries in science and technology for the study of remote sensing in future observing networks for weather & climate.

Conference Agenda 2019

19 November 2019 | 11:40 - 12:25 | Panel discussion: Transforming airspace

  • Redesigning airspace to enable more flight paths- what are the roadblocks to success?
  • Implementing technology to reduce the distance between aircrafts, allowing simultaneous flights 
  • Increasing real time communications and ATC separation services
  • Exploring free route airspace (FRA) to overcome efficiency and capacity challenges


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