Gábor Papp

Head of Simulation and Validation Unit, HungaroControl

Mr. Gábor Papp is an experienced industry professional and is currently the Head of the Simulation and Validation Unit at HungaroControl – Hungarian Air Navigation Services. Leading this key portfolio under HungaroControl’s research and development function, Gábor has been at the forefront of a number of pivotal simulation projects within Europe, including: GEO4 Airspace Reorganisation in Croatia; CPDLC validation in Romania / Bulgaria; cross-border free route airspace validation in Croatia / Bosnia-Herzegovina / Serbia; and, the cross-border free route airspace validation in the FAB CE region (Functional Airspace Block Central Europe)

Prior to leading HungaroControl’s simulation and validation activities, Gábor developed deep expertise in ATM simulation as a Simulation Specialist. Building on this functional experience Gábor also worked as a Sales Manager, demonstrating his ability to transcend both technical and commercial domains to deliver real value to customers.
In addition to his extensive experience in air traffic management, Gábor also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He has a driven analytical approach and calls on his experience and personal qualities to support operational change at HungaroControl, Europe and for HungaroControl’s global customers.

Conference Agenda

06 November 2018 | 09:40 - 10:10 | Global Air Traffic Management 2018 | Effectively implementing airspace change with simulation and validation

  • Experimentation, simulation and validation as key success enablers of successful airspace change
  • Anticipating and understanding known and emergent risks during a irspace change
  • Employing data-driven decision making to assure safety and operational benefit realisation

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