GATM Highlights


View all the GATM Day 1 conference highlights and hear what some of our key speakers and participants had to say about their experience at the event. 


Watch some of the GATM Day 2 highlights and listen to what our key speakers have to share about their conference experience.


Omar Abdulkarim Faden, from SANS discusses the services they provide, growth in the air traffic market and their experiences at this year's airshow. 


Sharon Cooke, CEO of Airways International Limited, Airways NZ discusses the Middle East's growth and drone solutions. 


Ibrahim Ahli, Deputy CEO, Dubai Air Navigation Services (dans) addresses the processes and technologies they are putting in place to handle the increased load on airspace in the region. 

Speakers from the GATM 2019 conference discuss air traffic control challenges, market growth in the aviation industry and the need for better collaboration in air traffic management across the globe.

Panellists from SANS, ONDA and Airways International speak on the business networking opportunities, sharing of information between partners and the valuable informal discussions all offered at the GATM conference.

Speakers from GATM 2019 discuss the importance of having dedicated conferences to encourage better collaboration across the air traffic management community; such to help implement new initiatives and grow the aviation industry.

Learn how ATC sectors have regional variations and hear about the challenges and opportunities that are arising because of these differences.