GATM Virtual Conference Agenda

Our GATM 2020 Virtual Event will offer packed content sessions, specialised workshops and roundtables with interactive, problem-solving content.

As well as hugely increased networking opportunities! All delivered in just one day! 


09:30 - 09:35Welcome Notes From Host

An overview of the virtual conference and key updates.


09:35 - 09:40Welcome Address: The UAE's Aviation Story

Maintaining a competitive global aviation hub to reboot the economy.


09:40 - 10:30Keynote Panel: Embracing Change - Reassessment, Recovery And Resilience

The aviation industry has gone through great change in 2020, this session will explore how the UAE continued operations throughout COVID-19, and successfully restarted the global network. Speakers will re-evaluate operation priorities to overcome future logistical challenges.


10:30 - 11:15Virtual Panel: Accelerating Air Traffic recovery through flexibility and interoperability



11:15 - 12:05Virtual Learning In Action

Travel restrictions, social distancing and remote work has halted training for many air traffic controllers.  
This panel presents a case study of Airways NZ and GCAA, UAE working together to deliver 051 virtually using AKO (Airways virtual academy). Hear from both ANSPs, the instructor, the student and the regulator. Our speakers will step through how they identified the training needs in this virtual world to create a mutually beneficial training program and overcoming regulatory issues. 
12:05 - 12:25Networking Break

12:25 - 12:45Virtual presentation: Improving decision making with ATFM

Flow management and the corresponding implementation of flow regulations are effective methods to regulate the demand to avoid imbalances. Tactical ATC tools such as departure and arrival management will benefit and contribute to ATFM. The presentation will address how the ICAO ASBU module, “improved traffic flow through runway sequencing (ASBU-RSEQ)” is interlinked with the ATFM process. The presentation will also cover new concepts demonstrating how airports could participate in the ATFM process as an active node


12:45 - 13:40Panel Discussion: Maintaining High Quality & Trusted Data Exchange

Communication has been key throughout the pandemic, many processes and systems have moved online to allow social distancing. This presentation will address how to secure ATM legacy systems with critical infrastructure to effectively manage potential vulnerabilities. Also covering how to encourage stakeholder communication to build cybersecurity, consistency and governance.


13:40 - 13:55Presentation: Risk assessment is cornerstone of cybersecurity

Pushed by the emergence of new technologies and connectivity, Aviation and Air Traffic Management (ATM) stakeholders are highly interdependent and increasingly interconnected, with greater information sharing and collaboration within the sector. As a result, the Aviation and ATM need to develop a more robust cybersecurity posture and adopt a strategic & tactical approach including high consideration for safety, services availability and systems operability. This presentation will dig deep into risk assessment processes and what are the success factors for efficient and fit-for-purpose implementation.


13:55 - 14:45Panel Discussion: Harmonizing UTM With ATC To Create The World’s Smartest Sky

Earlier this year new drone regulations were announced to help Dubai promote itself as a hub for drone manufacturing, smart transportation and innovation in the sector. This session will discover how to strengthen the UAE’s position in aviation with a connected and collaborative airspace.


14:45 - 15:40Panel Discussion: Restarting And Recovering With Competency-Based Training

This session will be discussing current training methodologies replacing outdated error-based assessments. This session will identify how continuous assessment can strengthen the safety culture in an ATC operational environment. It will also address questions “when and why” comparing different assessment methods. The panel discussion will be covering the following topics:
•Competency-based training – in practice
•Continuous assessment vs dedicated check – pros and cons

15:40 - 16:00Networking Break

16:00 - 16:20Interview: Air traffic control in a post COVID-19 world

This session will identify how ANSPs and Airports can become customer- focused, financially autonomous, and performance orientated.  


16:20 - 16:40Presentation: Increasing Situational Awareness And Data Sharing With SWIM

Reducing costs safely is a priority on everyone’s agenda, implementing System Wide Information Management provides stakeholders with accessible agile information, to facilitate decision making.



16:40 - 17:40Virtual Panel: Continuity Of Air Cargo Operations During COVID-19: The Vaccine Disruption challenge

During the pandemic; flexibility, agility and efficiency were the key drivers of success for the cargo and commercial industry. Now, stakeholders are being warned of potential capacity constraints with delving the vaccine. IATA has urged governments to facilitate cooperation and start planning with the global network, this session will discover how to create operational contingency plans to combat this challenge and what post COVID-19 procedures should be considered permanently to enhance efficiency.

  • Sharron Caunt | Regional Director Safety & Flight Operations (Africa & Middle East) | IATA

17:40 - 18:30Virtual Panel: Enhancing Predictability Of Air Traffic With Smart Airports

Every flight begins and ends at airports, they are a key stakeholder for every airline, passenger and ANSP. This discussion will access the advances in technologies helping to fully integrate airport operations to reduce delays. Stakeholders will discuss how A-CDM can refine outdated procedures to improve operational efficiency and flight safety.


18:30 - 18:35Host Closing Comments

A wrap-up of the day's events and update on GATM 2021.

18:35End Of Conference


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