GATM Webinar Sessions

The global pandemic has the aviation sector among other in a continuous reacting mode. Amid all this uncertainty and challenges, how do we strengthen organisational resilience while mapping our road to recovery?
Join our GATM Webinars to learn more about the best practices to accelerate your business recovery.

Leading the way: Virtual training for ATCOs

What we discussed in this live session:  

  • Exploring remote training opportunities, how we can keep ATCOs qualified through COVID-19
  • Using innovation to remove barriers to learning in this new environment
  • Overcoming regulation hurdles, how to win government approval for remote certification

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Crisis operations: How ATM industry collaboration can support recovery from COVID-19

What we discussed in this live session:

  • How increased industry collaboration between ANSPs, airports and airline can support recovery
  • Reducing operational costs for airlines and deferring payments
  • Looking ahead to Q4- preparing a contingency plan 

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