John McKenzie

Regional Director EMEA

Airways International

John has just accumulated over 40 years service in the industry.
John spent his first 15 years in operations working as a communications officer and flight service officer at numerous airports throughout New Zealand.
In 1987 Airways Corporation of NZ was created – the world’s first commercialised Air traffic control provider replaced a government department. This also lead to the introduction of User-pays in the aviation industry and significant changes in the way Airways delivered its services. 
In 2000 John was appointed by Airways as its General Aviation client manager effectively managing the relationships with all light aircraft operators in NZ. One of John’s objectives was to introduce user charges where there had previously been none. In 2001 John was awarded the Director of Civil Aviation Award in recognition of new safety-related services introduced to General Aviation.
In 2004 John transferred to the International division of Airways NZ responsible for selling and marketing training products and services to other Air Traffic Service providers around the world. John moved to Dubai in 2014 to establish a regional presence for Airways International Ltd.

Conference Agenda

06 November 2018 | 11:50 - 12:20 | Global Air Traffic Management 2018 | Defining and recruiting the future air traffic controller

• Preparing for the next generation of ATC’s: Identifying the required skills of the future
• Analyzing the challenges of recruiting the next generation of air traffic controllers
• Efficiently identifying top talent and reducing recruitment cost
• What role might the gaming industry play in helping identify and attract future ATCs?

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