Jouhayna Al Muhairi

Air Traffic Control Officer

Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Center

Jouhayna is the second and youngest female Air Traffic Control Officer to validate in the Shiekh Zayed Air Navigation Center. She is currently continuing her education majoring in BSc Air Transport Management. 
Jouhayna was part of the first secondement program in the GCAA to introduce a new Air Traffic Control system to the operations room. She has pitched many ideas to help SZC GCAA advance such as a Training platform for the digital generation her aim was to help the youth of the country better learn about air traffic control in a faster and more efficient manner.
In her free time Jouhayna enjoys to travel and exploring different countries. She’s either controlling an aircraft or is in one. 
Prior to becoming an Air traffic Controller, she wanted to be a pilot but once she learned about air traffic control she thought to herself, “Why control one aircraft when I can control them all?” 

Conference Agenda 2019

19 November 2019 | 13:20 - 13:55 | Panel discussion: Addressing the global shortage of qualified air traffic controllers

  • Promoting collaboration between ANSP’s to implement recruitment and training strategies to keep up with the anticipated growth
  • Exploring advanced training stimulators as cost-effective ways to prepare and test air traffic controllers
  • Utilising technology to make up the shortfall in human resourcing. AI, Machine learning & Automation


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