Naser Al Shehhi

Pseudo Pilot

UAE General Civil Aviation Authority

Naser AlShehhi is currently working as Pseudo Pilot for the GCAA at Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Center. He joined the GCAA in 2010 after graduating high school & holds a High School Diploma with 83.6% in Science stream. Naser aims to utilize his skills and qualifications to a professional level and gain the knowledge and the experience to contribute to the success and the growth of the organization. Naser have a high sense of responsibilities and always expect to make a positive contribution to himself and an asset to the organization in maintaining a high standards.



GATM Virtual Conference Agenda

25 November 2020 | 11:15 - 12:05 | Virtual Learning In Action

Travel restrictions, social distancing and remote work has halted training for many air traffic controllers.  
This panel presents a case study of Airways NZ and GCAA, UAE working together to deliver 051 virtually using AKO (Airways virtual academy). Hear from both ANSPs, the instructor, the student and the regulator. Our speakers will step through how they identified the training needs in this virtual world to create a mutually beneficial training program and overcoming regulatory issues. 

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