Tarek Mrad

Chief of International Organizations Department

DGCA Lebanon

Tarek has over  22 years professional experience as an Air Traffic Controller in all ATC units, where he  had been gradually rated for Aerodrome (tower) controller and then since 2004, Area & Approach Rada controller (Beirut Area & Approach combined in one unit), in 2014.  Tarek  was appointed the head division of Beirut ACC department, in addition to my job in ATM. Tarek has been assigned in 2012 the chief of International Organizations Department (DGCA-LEBANON),  and carrying out the functions of coordination and correspondence between Organizations involved in the field of Aviation and ATM and with  the concerned departments in DGCA and also with some military and security entities with the view to reporting  and following up the implementation of the rules, circulars.
From participating in several regional meeting and Tarek is the alternate Lebanese member in MIDANPERG and ACAC ATM committee  and represented Lebanon in two of the ICAO regional working groups as a focal point ( ASBU and PBN working groups)
Tarek has  attended the courses and meetings listed below but not only:
- Single European Sky (Madrid)
- European ATM Safety Regulations (Madrid)
- Civil Military ATM coordination and Flexible Use of Airspace FUA (Brussels)
- GNSS/Augmentation System (Rabat) 
- Auditing in ATM (Rabat) 
- Get Airport Ready for Disaster (Beirut)
- Continuous Descent and Climb Operations WS (Rabat)
- PANS-OPS Instrument Procedures Design (Tahran)
- Performance Based Navigation PBN ( Qatar)  

Conference Agenda

06 November 2018 | 09:10 - 09:40 | Global Air Traffic Management 2018 | Case study-Reassessing airspace capacity with Performance Based Navigation

  • Responding to industry trends by improving airspace utilisation and route network availability 
  • Easing crowded sky congestion with Performance Based Navigation
  • Enhancing operational efficiency and raising the awareness of Perfomance Based Navigation

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