Todd Donovan

Vice President, Digital Aviation

Thales Air Traffic Management

Todd Donovan has extensive global air traffic management experience, with more than 25 years of technical and leadership roles in the aviation industry. Currently, Donovan leads the Digital Aviation business segment responsible for supporting aviation stakeholders in leveraging digital transformation as a means to substantially improve the performance of their operations.  
Further, Donovan serves on the RTCA NextGen Advisory Committee Working Subcommittee, the CANSO Strategy and Integration Standing Committee and the Dartmouth College Alumni Council.
Previously, Donovan served as Vice President of Strategy & Marketing for Air Traffic Management and was responsible for leading initiatives, investments and partnerships in support of increased safety, capacity and efficiency of the global aviation system.  Prior to this role, Donovan served in various leadership roles in Thales and Saab Sensis Corporation.
Donovan received a BA from Dartmouth College, a BE from Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College and an MBA from Emory University.  

Conference Agenda

05 November 2018 | 14:00 - 14:30 | Global Air Traffic Management 2018 | Panel discussion- Integration of UAS into airspace

  • Safely integrating RPAS in the GCC and minimising airspace disruption 
  • Solving the emerging challenge of remotely identifying RPAS with blockchain identification systems
  • Taking advantage of Big Data. Analysing your operational data and technology to increase your control capabilities
  • Increasing the role of autonomous technology: preparing for the UTM systems disruptors; registration, communication and geo-fencing

Conference Agenda

06 November 2018 | 10:10 - 10:40 | Global Air Traffic Management 2018 | Utilizing data to improve flight operations and flow management

• Reducing your turn around times with data optimization
• Enriching your data with real time information to predict delays
• Increasing your ADS-B data to optimize your flight path

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