Tommy Carlsson

Technical Support Manager

Dubai Air Navigation Services (dans)

Besides holding an ATCO license within Dubai Approach, Tommy provides direction and oversight for all facets of ATC operation development through his current role as Technical Support Manager in dans’ Approach department. This includes airspace and flight procedures, ATC equipment and procedures, operational procedures and documentation, Letter of Agreements, and regulatory compliance.
Within dans, Tommy has also contributed to essential operational developments within all ATC related areas. Initially as an OJTI, LCE and ATCE before taking on a role within the operational management. Working his way through the roles of ATC Procedure Specialist and Team Leader ATC Projects, prior to being appointed as Technical Support Manager Dubai Approach in 2017.
Prior to his time in dans, Tommy commenced his journey within Air Traffic Management at the Swedish ATS Academy (now Entry Point North) in Malmö, Sweden, in 2001. Following additional military and ATC training in Halmstad, Sweden, in 2002, he started his ATC career at the combined Civilian Airport/Military Air Force Base in Östersund, Sweden, as a TWR and APP ATCO.
Tommy furthered his career at Gothenburg Airport, Sweden, as a TWR and APP ATCO, whilst simultaneously undertaking further military training to join the reserves as an ATCO, before joining dans in 2007 as an APP ATCO.

Conference Agenda 2019

20 November 2019 | 11:35 - 12:00 | Dans runway throughput case study: Creating high performing airport operations

  • Exploring future aircraft capabilities and airport configurations
  • Wake turbulence separation optimisation
  • Optimising traffic on single and multiple runways airports 
  • Increasing operational resilience during bad weather and reducing recovery times from major disruption

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